Digital Humanities Seminars 2020

Digital Humanities Lab, NLG.1 Samuel Alexander Building

(Seminars run for approximately 1 hour, 2-3pm or 4-5pm)

4 February Michael Falk, University of Kent

Workshop: Distant Reading: A Practical Introduction to Text Analysis in Python (10.00am-1.00pm)

4 February Michael Falk, University of Kent

Seminar: Fugitive Words: Deep Learning and the Deep Past in Australia (4.00 pm)

12 February Maria Paula Arias, University of Manchester

Testing Social Network Analysis in a Museum Branding Case Study (4.00pm)

27 February Bernhard Struck & Marcel Koschek, University of St Andrews

Up and down the scales: Visualising the Esperanto movement around 1900 (2.00pm start time)

11 March Frances Liddell, University of Manchester

Blockchain and the Museum: From Fragmented Ownership to Collective Ownership (4.00pm)

25 March Lukasz Stanek, University of Manchester

GIS-Based Architectural History: Baghdad and Accra (4.00pm)

22 April Tamsyn Mahoney-Steel, UCLAN

(Under)mining Text: Critical Approaches to Digitally Analysing Texts (4.00pm)

6 May Alexander Huber, Bodleian Library, University of Oxford

Close-reading eighteenth-century poetry, digitally (2.00pm start time)