Our people

DH@Manchester is a network of researchers and computational partners from across the University.

With one of the largest concentrations of humanities scholars in the UK, we are committed to embedding digital methodologies across the institution. Our specialists come from a variety of academic backgrounds, and our University partners include IT Services, Research IT, The University of Manchester Library, The John Rylands Research Institute, the School of Computer Science, and Manchester University Press, as well as several digitally-focussed initiatives.

We also work closely with external organisations in the heritage, creative and tech sectors. See Our Partners to learn more.

Key team

Dr Guyda Armstrong 
Senior Lecturer in Italian Studies 

Dr Andrea Nini 
Lecturer in English Language 

Dr Claire Reddleman
Lecturer in Digital Humanities

Dr Luca Scholz 
Lecturer in Digital Humanities 

Dr Jo Taylor  
Presidential Fellow in Digital Humanities 

Academic staff

Dr Kostas Arvanitis 
Senior Lecturer in Museology 

Lorraine Beard 
Associate Director: Research and Digital Horizons, University of Manchester Library Executive Team 

Sean Bechofer 
Senior Lecturer in Computer Science 

Florrie Bradley
Postgraduate: Art History and Cultural Practices

Prof Andrew Chamberlain 
Professor of Bioarchaeology, Former 

Prof Nick Crossley 
Professor of Sociology 

Prof David Denison 
Emeritus Professor of Linguistics and English Language 

Dr Matthew Dennis 
Lecturer in Geographical Information Science 

Timna Denwood 
PhD Student, Manchester Urban Institute 

Prof Martin Everett 
Chair in Network Analysis 

Jane Gallagher
Special collections lead for digital scholarship, The John Rylands Research Institute and Library

Dr Andrew Fearnley 
Lecturer in 20th Century US History 

Prof Sasha Handley 
Senior Lecturer in Early Modern History  

Dr Stefan Hanß 
Senior Lecturer in Early Modern History 

Dr Billy Tusker Haworth 
Lecturer in Disaster Management  

Dr John Hodgson
Associate Director: Curatorial Practices, University of Manchester Library 

Dr Jonny Huck 
Lecturer in Geographical Information Science 

Dr Caroline Jay 
Reader in Empirically Sound Software Engineering 

Prof Matthew Jefferies 
Professor of German History 

Dr Kamran Karimullah 
Lecturer in Islamic Philosophy and Medicine 

Frances Liddell 
PhD Student, Institute for Cultural Practices 

Dr Peter Liddel 
Senior Lecturer in Ancient History

Prof Sarah Lindley 
Professor of Geography 

Prof Yaron Matras 
Professor of Linguistics 

Dr Roberta Mazza 
Lecturer in Graeco-Roman Material Culture 

Dr Lidija Mcknight 
Research Fellow, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences 

Dr Stephen Mossman 
Lecturer in Medieval History 

Dr Nathaniel O'Grady
Lecturer in Human Geography and Disaster

Dr Tino Oudesluijs 
Postdoctoral Research Associate, School of Arts, Languages and Cultures 

Prof Peter Pormann 
Professor of Classics and Graeco-Arabic Studies 

Gwen Riley Jones 
Imaging Manager, The John Rylands Research Institute and Library

Dr Fred Schurink 
Lecturer in Early Modern Literature 

Dr Termeh Shafie 
Lecturer in Social Statistics 

Robert Simpson 
PhD Student, Institute for Cultural Practices 

Dr Edmond Smith 
Presidential Fellow, Department of History 

Dr Cassie Ulph 
Research Associate, History 

Dr Christine Wallis
Research Associate, History